Pioneer 520

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Elevate your Honda Pioneer 520 with our premium range of accessories, including the robust Pioneer 500 Bash Plate and the high-performance Pioneer 500 Snorkel, both designed and fabricated in Australia for unmatched durability. Our Ally Cat Bull bar and Side Rails, featuring 4mm plate construction and special grade 40mm tube, offer superior protection and style, powder-coated in black for a sleek finish. Enhance your off-road experience with accessories built for adventure. Discover more and protect your vehicle with insights from Willow Tree Creative.

  • Pioneer 500 Bash Plate
  • 4mm Construction
  • Designed in Australia
  • Fabricated in Australia

  • Pioneer 500 Snorkle
  • Donaldson Filter Supplied With Kit
  • Powder Coated Black
  • Designed With the Ally Cat Roof System
Honda Pioneer 520

  • Ally Cat Bullbar And Side Rails
  • 4mm Plate Construction
  • Special Grade 40mm Tube 3mm Wall
  • Powder Coated Black

Elevate your Honda Pioneer 520 with our meticulously designed range of accessories. Our collection enhances your vehicle’s functionality, protection, and style. Crafted in Australia, these accessories prepare your Pioneer 520 for any adventure. They blend unparalleled protection with sleek aesthetics.

Australian-Designed Durability

Firstly, our accessories, including the robust 4mm Construction Bash Plate and comprehensive Snorkel Kit, lead our product line. They are designed and fabricated in Australia. These products offer unmatched protection for your vehicle’s undercarriage and engine. The bash plate shields vital components effectively. Moreover, the snorkel kit integrates seamlessly with the Ally Cat Roof System. It improves your vehicle’s water fording capabilities while protecting the engine.

Enhanced Protection and Style

Additionally, the Ally Cat Bullbar and Side Rails provide superior protection. Made from special grade 40mm tube with a 3mm wall, they are powder-coated in black. This not only ensures durability but also adds a stylish look to your Pioneer 520.

Explore Our Full Range

Furthermore, we offer a comprehensive range of accessories for other models. This enhances your off-roading experience across the board:

By choosing our Pioneer 520 accessories, you’re opting for quality and performance. Our commitment to excellence ensures every product meets the highest standards. This is designed to satisfy the unique needs of off-roading enthusiasts.

In conclusion, equip your Honda Pioneer 520 with the best Australian-made accessories. Take your off-roading experience to new heights. Discover the difference quality makes. Embark on your next adventure with confidence.

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Bash Plate, Bull Bar Extensions, Bull Bar with Dual Side Rail, CV Guard Front, CV Guard Rear, Seat Cover, Snorkel