LTA 300

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Elevate your LTA 300 experience with Ally Cat’s premium accessories. Our collection includes the robust Ally Cat Bull Bar and Side Rails, engineered with 4mm plate construction for ultimate durability. Ensure rider safety with our 3mm Aluminium Foot Well Guards, and expand your cargo capacity with our versatile Dog Rack. Designed and fabricated in Australia, these accessories outperform competitors, making your ride safer and more stylish without compromising on quality.

Upgrade Your LTA 300 with Superior Accessories

Quality and Durability: A Cut Above the Rest

Ally Cat’s LTA 300 accessories are the epitome of Australian ingenuity and craftsmanship. Each product, from the robust Ally Cat Bull Bar and Side Rails to the protective Foot Well Guards, is designed to enhance your vehicle’s functionality and appearance.

  • Ally Cat Bullbar And Side Rails
  • 4mm Plate Construction
  • Special Grade 40mm Tube 3mm Wall
  • Powder Coated Black

  • 3mm Aluminium Foot Well Guards
  • Tread Plate Construction
  • Improved Rider Safety
  • Australian Designed
  • Australian Fabricated
  • Out Performs All Competitors

  • Dog Rack
  • Mandrel Bent 40mm Tube
  • 3mm Tread Plate Base
  • Universal Mount
  • Powder Coated Black

Ally Cat Bull Bar and Side Rails: Unmatched Protection

With a 4mm plate construction and a special grade 40mm tube, our Bull Bar and Side Rails not only offer superior protection but also add a sleek, powder-coated black finish to your LTA 300. These accessories are perfect for riders seeking both style and substance.

Safety First: Aluminium Foot Well Guards

Our 3mm Aluminium Foot Well Guards, featuring tread plate construction, prioritize improved rider safety without sacrificing aesthetics. Australian designed and fabricated, these guards outperform all competitors, providing peace of mind in any terrain.

Versatile Cargo Solutions: The Dog Rack

The Dog Rack, with its mandrel-bent 40mm tube and 3mm tread plate base, offers a universal mount and a powder-coated black finish for enduring resilience. This accessory is ideal for adventurers needing extra cargo space without compromising on design or quality.

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