TGB Blade 520/600

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Elevate the performance and appearance of your TGB Blade 520/600 with our Ally Cat Bull Bar and Side Rails. Crafted from 4mm high-quality plate and specialised grade 40mm tube with a 3mm wall, these accessories are powder-coated in black for a sleek finish. Designed to enhance protection while adding a rugged aesthetic, our products ensure your vehicle is ready for any adventure.

TGB Blade Upgrades: Bull Bar & Side Rails

The TGB Blade stands out for toughness and off-road power. Our Bull Bar & Side Rails take your ride to the next level. These upgrades are perfect for anyone looking to boost their off-road experience.

  • Ally Cat Bull Bar and Side Rails
  • 4mm High Quality Plate Construction ​
  • Specialised Grade 40mm Tube 3mm Wall
  • Powder Coated Black

Strong and Stylish

We’ve designed our Bull Bar & Side Rails specifically for the TGB Blade. They’re made from tough 4mm plate and 40mm tubes. This build gives your vehicle solid protection in rough conditions. Plus, the black powder-coat finish adds corrosion resistance and a sleek look. These upgrades are not just about safety; they also make your TGB Blade look great.

Adventure with Confidence

Our upgrades are made for explorers. With our Bull Bar & Side Rails, you can tackle any challenge. They offer peace of mind, letting you focus on the excitement of the journey.

More Options for Your TGB Blade

Looking to add more to your TGB Blade? Check out gear like the Land Boss 800 and the Viking. These accessories complement your Bull Bar & Side Rails and boost your vehicle’s performance and style.

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By focusing on durable, stylish upgrades like our Bull Bar & Side Rails, we help you get the most out of your TGB Blade. These enhancements not only protect your ride but also keep you ahead in style and function.


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