2019 Wolverine 850 X2/X4

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Elevate your 2019 Wolverine 850 X2/X4 with our exclusive range of accessories, crafted from 4mm high tensile aluminium for unmatched protection and durability. From full coverage for CV boots/guards to high footwell plates, and a versatile 2-piece aluminium roof with easy installation features, our Australian-made and fabricated accessories are designed to enhance your vehicle’s performance and aesthetics. The X2 and X4 Bull Bar and Side Rails not only provide superior protection but also add a sleek, powder-coated black finish to your ride.

Elevate Your Adventure with Wolverine 850 X2/X4 Accessories

Unparalleled Protection with Wolverine 850 X2/X4 Accessories

Firstly, our lineup of Wolverine 850 X2/X4 Accessories, such as the 4mm High Tensile Aluminium Accessories, provides comprehensive coverage for CV boots and guards, along with high footwell plates. These premier accessories ensure your 2019 Wolverine 850 X2/X4 is shielded against rough and unpredictable terrains. Crafted with precision in Australia, these additions exemplify both durability and functionality, making them essential for every adventurer.

  • 4mm High Tensile Aluminium
  • Full Coverage For CV Boots/Guards
  • High Footwell Plates
  • Australian Made And Fabricated

  • 4mm Aluminium Roof
  • 2 Piece Design For Versatility
  • Easy Installation
  • Parcel Shelf
  • Optional Switch Mount Plate
  • Powder Coated Black

  • X2 and X4 Bull Bar and Side Rails
  • 4mm High Quality Aluminium Plate
  • 40mm Specialised Tube, 3mm Wall
  • Australian Designed And Fabricated
  • Powder Coated Black

Versatile and Stylish Wolverine 850 X2/X4 Upgrades

Moreover, the versatility of your vehicle is significantly enhanced with our 4mm Aluminium Roof. This 2-piece design not only offers easy installation but also includes a parcel shelf for extra storage and an optional switch mount plate, finished in a sleek, powder-coated black. This accessory, specifically designed for the Wolverine 850 X2/X4, not only boosts the utility of your vehicle but also its visual appeal, showcasing the best in Australian craftsmanship.

Superior Design and Protection

Furthermore, the X2 and X4 Bull Bar and Side Rails for the Wolverine 850 X2/X4 are meticulously crafted from 4mm high-quality aluminium plate and 40mm specialised tube with a 3mm wall. These vital accessories provide robust protection and a stylish finish, ensuring your vehicle stands out on any adventure. Reflecting our commitment to quality and performance, these products are a testament to Australian design and fabrication excellence.

Broaden Your Horizons with Wolverine Accessories

Additionally, those looking to extend their Wolverine’s capabilities will find our range of accessories for models such as the Land Boss 800 and Viking to be perfectly suited for adventurers aiming to outfit their vehicles with top-tier Australian-made enhancements.

In conclusion, integrating our Wolverine 850 X2/X4 Accessories into your vehicle not only prepares it for any challenge but also marks it with a distinct style and efficiency. Seize the opportunity to transform your off-road experience with Australian-made quality that stands in a league of its own.


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