Kymco MXU 550

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Elevate your Kymco MXU 550 with our Australian-made accessories, featuring robust 4mm Aluminium Bash Plates for undercarriage protection, Ally Cat Bull Bars with Dual Side Rails for enhanced durability, and optional Bull Bar Extensions for versatile use. Designed for the rugged Australian outdoors, these accessories ensure your MXU 550 is ready for any adventure.

Transform your Kymco MXU 550 into the ultimate off-road powerhouse with our specially designed range of accessories. Crafted with precision and care in Australia, these enhancements not only boost your vehicle’s functionality but also its protection and style.

Unmatched Durability and Protection

  • 4mm Aluminium Bash Plate
  • Australian Designed
  • Australian Fabricated
  • Improved Front CV Boot/Guards
  • Out Performs All Competitors

  • Ally Cat Bull Bar And Dual Side Rails​
  • 4mm Plate Construction​
  • Special Grade 40mm Tube 3mm Wall​
  • Powder Coated Black

  • Ally Cat Bull Bar And Dual Side Rails
  • Mandrel Bent 3mm Wall Special
    Grade Aluminium 40mm Tube
  • 4mm Plate Aluminium Construction
  • Optional Bull Bar Extension
    (Shown on Top of Standard Bar )
  • Uses – Mustering And Recreational
  • Powder Coated Black

4mm Aluminium Bash Plate

Our 4mm Aluminium Bash Plate, designed and fabricated in Australia, sets a new standard for undercarriage protection. It shields your vehicle’s front CV boots/guards from debris and impacts, significantly extending your ride’s lifespan and maintaining optimal performance.

Ally Cat Bull Bar and Dual Side Rails

To further enhance your MXU 550’s rugged aesthetics and safety, our Ally Cat Bull Bar and Dual Side Rails are engineered from special grade 40mm tube with a 3mm wall and 4mm plate construction. Finished with a durable black powder coat, these accessories are not only built to last but are also designed to thrive in the challenging Australian outdoors.

Optional Bull Bar Extension

For those seeking even greater front-end protection, our Optional Bull Bar Extension offers an extra layer of durability. Displayed atop the standard bar, this feature is ideal for both mustering and recreational activities, providing an extra layer of durability to withstand any obstacles you may encounter.

By selecting our Kymco MXU 550 accessories, you’re choosing unparalleled quality and innovation, ensuring each product not only enhances your off-roading adventures but also makes every journey unforgettable.

Equip your Kymco MXU 550 with the finest Australian-made accessories on the market and take your off-roading experience to new heights. Discover the difference quality makes and set off on your next adventure with confidence.


Bash Plate, Bull Bar Extensions, Bull Bar with Dual Side Rail, CV Guard Front, CV Guard Rear, Dog Rack 250, Front Cargo, Seat Tank Cover, UHF Radio